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Family of Mary Walter and Edward Oliver Locke

Mary Walter (1838-1921) was the daughter of Walter and Ann Walter of Babcary, Somerset, England, UK.

Mary Walter aged 21 is listed in the 1861 census at Greenhill Farm, Babcary. In 1871 she was a visitor in the household of George and Anne F. Waghorn (lodging house keepers) in Tunbridge Wells, Kent with her occupation listed as domestic servant. She is known to have been in Worthing in 1872. Mary married Edwin Oliver Locke (1841-1903), a labourer who became a trawler fisherman, in St Nicholas' Parish Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 11th August 1872 (witnessed by the verger and his wife) and had children including:

  • Caroline Charlotte Locke (23 August 1872-27 September 1965)
  • Susannah (Susan) Locke (9 October 1874-1967)
  • Gertrude Maude Rosamond Locke (Rosie) (17 March 1878-29 December 1956)
  • Edwin Oliver Locke (14 January 1880-2 December 1949)
  • Ada Best Locke (11 Mar 1882-1968
  • Mary Ellen Locke (11 Mar 1882-Sep Quarter 1882)

From 1881 they lived in Tynemouth (recorded as Loder in the 1891 census). In 1901 Rosie was the only child living with them.

Caroline married John James Hume (1867-8 July 1928) in 1895 and had children including John Walter Hume (1896-18 September 1916, died in France), David Hume (b.1898), Edwin Hume (b.1899) and Frederick Hume (1901-1984). In 1911 they lived in Coach Lane, North Shields (John's address at death was 1 Collingwood-street, Coach-lane); John was a gas fitter. John James appears to have been the son of David Hume (1826-1873?) a sailor from London and his wife Catherine (1834-1901) from Berwick who lived in Church Road, Tynemouth in 1881. Caroline died on September 27 1965, her address being The Oaks, Solway Avenue, North Shields.

Susannah (as Susan) married John Bartholomew Blair (1870-1932) in Tynemouth in 1899 and had children including: John Edwin Blair (1900-1905), Mary Frederica Blair (1903-2002) {married Arthur Grey in Tynemouth in 1931}, John Blair (1906-1999) and Edith Constance Blair (26 February 1916-2000) {married William Martin in 1941}.

Rosie married Tristram Heppell (1877-1943) in 1906. In 1911 they lived in Gray Street, North Shields; Tristram was a joiner. Tristram appears to have been the grandson of Thomas Heppell (1825-1906) a mining engineer and his wife Dorothy McCree (b.1815) with whom he was living by 1881. He was probably the son of George Heppell (b.1849) and Jane Ellen Smith (b.1854). In 1901 Rosie and Tristram were living in Bedford Terrace, Tynemouth with lodgers from New Zealand and Canada. Rosie died in Preston Hospital North Shields on December 29 1956, her address given as 30 Cleveland-avenue North Shields. Probate of £2046 2s 4d being given to her solicitor and Christian Thomson, spinster.

Edwin married Elizabeth Ann Ross (b.1891) in 1909. In 1911 he was a second engineer on board a vessel sailing out of Leith Wharf, Sunderland; Elizabeth was living at 146 Linskill Road, North Shields. Elizabeth was the daughter of James Ross (1868-1909) and wife Sarah. James was a fisherman, born in Limehouse, London. In 1901 the family lived at 177 Linskill Road. Edwin died in St George's Hospital Morpeth on December 2, 1949 his address being given as 149 Linskill Road. Elizabeth Ann Lock of that address died in Preston Hospital on December 15 1956, probate being granted to Edward Locke Ross fisherman.

Ada married James Fenwick Sproat (1879-1958) in 1908 and had children including: Isabella Mary Sproat (b.1909) {married William P. Higgins in 1933}, Albert E. Sproat (1910-1990) {married Janet Hall (1910-1986) 1934 and had a child} and Edith A. Sproat (b.1915) {married Robert Henderson in 1944 and had children}. In 1911 the widowed Mary was living with Ada and James in Howard Street, Jarrow; James was a marine engine fitter. James was the son of James Sproat (1848-1910) and Isabella Farrer (1853-1883) who married in Bellingham in 1879 (the same quarter that James was born) and lived in Jarrow in 1881. Isabella was born into a shipyard family in South Shields. By 1891 they were living in South Shields and Isabella had died. In 1901 they were back in Jarrow and James junior was a gardener. His father remarried Emma Carter (1852-1902?) from Brighton in South Shields in 1898. She was a servant in London in 1871.

Edwin Oliver Locke's family

Edwin Oliver Locke's marriage certificate gives his father as John Locke (a bricklayer). In 1851, Edwin lived in Worthing with his 'mother' Sarah Locke (1786-1860) a nurse, and siblings [nb large age gap suggests some may have been Sarah's grandchildren], Charlotte Locke (1812-1900) a needlewoman; John Locke (b.1829) a bricklayer's labourer; William Richardson Locke (1835-1883) a grocer and Emma Locke (c.1844).

Charlotte married Charles Batchelor (1819-1907) in 1858. In 1861 her brother George Locke (b. 1824) was staying with them; they were living at the same address as in the 1851 census.

William married Anne Goatcher (1826-1907) in 1860 and children including: Edwin William Locke (1861-1946) {married Martha Letitia Peckham (1865-1920) in 1894 and had children including: Edward Locke (b.1895), Ethel Florence Locke (b.1896) and Alton William Locke (b. 1897-1988) [who married Marjorie Ella. Knocker (b.1903) in 1924]}. In 1891 and 1901 Anne was widowed and living off her own means at 24 London Road, Worthing, in 1911 Edwin lived at No. 20 and was a monumental mason.

In 1871 Edwin Oliver was probably working as a labourer and living in an earlier untraceable brother Frederick Oliver Locke's household at 29 Clifton Road, Broadwater, Worthing. Frederick married as Fred O. Locke to Charlotte Hamshare (1839-1871) in 1866 and had children Arthur Edwin Oliver Locke (1868-1916; died Camberwell) and Florence Clara Locke (1871-1937; died Wandsworth). Following Charlotte's death in 1871 Frederick Oliver Locke (1836-1890; died Camberwell) remarried in 1873 Eleanor Apted (b. 1833).

Arthur E. O. married Jessie May Layton (b.1870) in 1891 and had children including: Dorothy Charlotte Emily Locke (b.1898) {married William John Cooper (B.1895) in 1918 and had children including: Peggy D. Cooper (b.1919)}, Florence Clara Locke (b.1902) and Arthur Leonard Locke (b.1910) {married Edith K. Prior in 1934 and had children}. Arthur and Jessie were in Peckham in 1911.

Arthur's sister Florence Clara Locke married Harry Bleasdale (1864-1934) in Camberwell in 1892 and had children including: Harry Bleasdale (b.1894), Frederick Bleasdale (1895-1921) {married Catherine Eliza Ellen Cooper in 1918 and had children including: Ellen A.F. Bleasdale (1919-1921)}, John Bleasdale (b.1899) {also married Catherine E.E. Bleasdale in 1924 and may have had children}, Robert Bleasdale (b.1907) {married Lilian Winifred M. Tucker (b.1908) in 1929 and had children } and Arthur Bleasdale (b.1910). Harry and Florence were in Wandsworth in 1911.

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