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The Family of David and Hannah Davies, Lower Brynaman, Glamorgan, Wales

Compiled by Alan James Price (

Banns of Christchurch, Cwmaman during October 1854 indicate the marriage of David Davies and Hannah Davies, both resident in that parish.

In the 1861 census the family are listed at Clynboidy Cott, Llanguicke with Hannah (the mother) as having been born in Llandilo parish. She is given as 31 while David (the father), a coal miner, is given as 28. Immediately after the households in Clynboidy Cott, the next census listing is for the Crown Inn (now Park St, Amman Road, Brynaman). Clynboidy is a corruption of Glyn-y-beudy, the old name for the area that became Lower Brynaman.

In the 1871 census the family is listed at No. 14 South Street, Caegurwen:

David Davies Head 38 Collier born Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire
Hannah Davies Wife 39 Collier's wife born Cwmaman, Carmarthenshire
David Davies Son 16 Collier born Brynamman, Glamorgan
Jemima Davies Daur 14 Scholar born Brynamman, Glamorgan
Thomas Davies Son 11 Scholar born Brynamman, Glamorgan
Ann Davies Daur 8 Scholar born Brynamman, Glamorgan
Margaret Davies Daur 6 Scholar born Brynamman, Glamorgan
John Davies Son 4 born Brynamman, Glamorgan

Curiously, the same family (minus Jemima) were back at Clynboidy Cott (had they ever moved?) in the 1881 census with the addition of young Hanah (sic) Davies aged 6. All the males were colliers. In 1891 widowed Hannah still had son David (36) collier born Brecon Cwmtwrch, Hannah J (16) dressmaker born Brynaman and Annie (7) also born Brynaman living with her at 44 Park St Caegurwen. By 1901, Hannah Davies was listed in Neuadd Terrace as a 69-year-old widow. With her were son David Davies (unmarried) 46, coal hewer, son-in-law John Harries 26, colliery engineer, born Carm Brynamman, daughter Hannah Harries 26, and their three children: Fred Harries 4, Margaret A. Harries 2 and un-named infant aged 1 month. In the 1911 census the infant has become Evan Harries, aged 10. Mother Hannah Harries has a second name - Jane - and they have a daughter Hannah May aged 5. Hannah Davies aged 77 died March 19 1909. According to Tarian y Gweithiwr April 1 1909:

Bu farw Mrs Hannah Davies, Neuadd Terrace, yn 77 mlwydd oed, dydd Gwener, Mawrth 19eg. Yr oedd yr ymadawedig yn barchus iawn, ac un o blant yr ardal. Dydd Llun canlynol, daeth tyrfa luosog yn nghyd i ddaearu ei rhan farwol yn mynwent Gibea, pryd y gwasanaethwyd gan y Parch W.D. Thomas, Gibea. Gadawodd amryw o blant a pherthynasau i alaru ar ei hol.

Jemimah with Hannah Harris and children

Jemimah with Hannah Harries and children in Neuadd Terrace (now 35 Brynaman Road)

Descendants of David and Hannah Davies

  • David Davies (1855- )

  • Jemima(h) Davies (1856-1928) married Thomas Jones (1854- ) - See The Family of Thomas and Jemimah Jones.

  • Thomas Davies (1860- )

  • Ann Davies (1863- )

  • Margaret Davies (1865- )

  • John Davies (1866- ) married Sarah ? (1871- ) born Brynaman, Carmarthenshire and is recorded in 'part of Glynbeudy', Caegurwen in 1891 with daughter Mary H Davies (? months), born Brynaman. John was a widower in the 1901 census and son Willie T. Davies (see William Thomas Davies, Brynaman, Wales and Perth, Western Australia) is 6. In 1911 John Davies had been married to his second wife Hannah (45) for 9 years with no children of their own. Both John and William were colliery labourers. Mary H (Hannah) was living in the household of relatives John and Hannah Jane Harries as a servant. A small piece in Llais Llafur, 5 June 1915, stated:

    Mr. John Davies and family, Park-street, returned home from West Australia last week. The son is with the Australian Expeditionary Forces, Egypt.

  • Hannah Jane Davies (1874-1935) married John Harries (1874- ) and had:
    1. Fred Harries (1897-1963) born 27 February 1897. Left school 'for colliery' in 1911. His wartime enrollment took place on 13 April 1916 when he was described as 5' 5" tall, 33.5 inch chest, dark brown hair and brown eyes, fresh complexion. Religion - Congegationalist; Swim - No; Civilian employment - Pianist; Address - 35 Brynamman Road, Brynamman, Carm. RNVR Wales Division, Signals. On 20 May 1916 he was attached to Seamen Unit MZT/1110 'Seamen Rating Battalion'. He served with HMS Sandhurst, a repair ship, from 13 October 1916 to 22 February 1919 when he was discharged. He was given a rating of VG character throughout his service. Family memory asserts that later he was an organist at the Manchester Hippodrome.

      He married Jenny Bowen (1898-1981) in 1920 and had two daughters including Valerie Harries (1923-2013). Valerie married Derek Herbert Emery (1925-1995) and had two daughters. Fred died in Withington Hospital, Manchester on January 30 1963 while resident at 33 Monica Grove, Levenshulme, Manchester.

    2. Margaret Ann Harries (1899- ). Born 22 February 1899 according to Banwen School records. Left school for 'home service' in 1913.

    3. Evan Harries (1901-1976). Born 23 March 1901 according to Banwen School records. At 35 Neuadd Terrace in 1908, left school 'for Colliery' in 1915.

    4. Hannah Mary Harries (1905-1973)

  • Fred Harries

    Fred Harries

    Fred Harries in World War 1

    Fred Harries in World War 1

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