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The Family of John and Susanna Davies, Llansadwrn and Conwil Cayo, Carmarthenshire

John Davies (1819 - 25 March 1897, born Cayo, Carmarthenshire, baptised May 28th 1819 as John David - and (apparently) again on March 12 1825) and Susanna Davies (1822 - 17 March 1913, born Llansadwrn). John and Susanna Davies married on 22 August 1840 at the parish church in Llansadwrn. Both were full age. Labourer John resided at Green Meadow and gave his father as Timothy Davies, a smith. Susanna resided at Park Side with father given as William Davies, farmer. The witnesses were William Price, Foesyrhiw and David Price, Cefnpark.

John Davies' father was Timothy David (c.1777-1834, died at Penmine, Cynwyl Gaeo), wife Jane. They had:

  • Margaret Davies (1811) baptised November 22 1811
  • William Davies (1814- ) baptised July 13 1814
  • Joseph Davies (1814- ), William's twin also baptised July 13 1814
  • Thomas Davies (b. c. 1817) baptised January 24 1817. Possibly married Ruth James (1813-1897, born Llanfairarybryn) in 1846. They had Thomas Davies (1847- ), John Davies (1847-), Evan Davies (1849- ), David Davies (1852- ) and Mary Davies (1852- ).
  • John Davies (b.c.1819-1897) who married Susanna Davies. They have been researched by Gareth Hicks (see John Davies, Llansadwrn, 1819/21). They had:
    1. William Davies (c.1840-)
    2. Jane Davies (c.1846-)
    3. John Davies (c.1849-)
    4. Eliza Davies (c.1850-)
    5. Margaret Davies (5 May.1854-1939)
    6. Mary Davies (c.1855-)
    7. Timothy Davies (22 January 1858 - 5 November 1918) was born in Felindre, Llansadwrn, Carmarthenshire. He married Mary Williams (1865-1919). See Descendants of William and Mary Williams of Cayo, Carmarthenshire for more.
    8. Anne Davies (c.1861-)
    9. Elinor Davies (c.1864-)
    10. Sarah Davies (c.1867-)
  • Jacob Davies (1822-1899) baptised June 16 1822. Probably an ag. lab at Garthbryn, Cayo in 1841. Married Catherine Powell (b. c,1820 in Llanfairarybryn), daughter of Evan Powell (c.1780, Llywel, Breconshire) and wife Mary ? of Llanfairarybryn. In 1861 he was an iron weigher at 10 Henry's Square, Merthyr Tydfil. In 1871 the family had moved to 11 Canal Row, Abercanaid. In 1881 he was a coal miner at that address and a gardener in 1891. Jacob died September 23 1899, a gardener of 13 Canal Row. Probate for £45 5s 4d granted to Catharine. They had:
    1. Jane Davies (1847- ) married John Davies (1847- ). They had Rachel Davies (1873- ), Thomas Davies (1874-1901), Catherine Davies (1877- ) and Evan Davies (1883- ). In 1911 she was listed as a widow, born Carmarthen, having been married for 35 years and had 4 children of whom 3 were still alive. She spoke Welsh only while Merthyr-born bilingual son Evan Davies was described as a coal miner hewer.
      (Cardiff Times June 1 1901) CORONER'S INQUEST
      On Tuesday morning, at the Dynevor Arms Inn, Georgetown, Merthyr, Mr R. J. Rhys, coroner, and jury, with Mr William Jones as foreman of the jury, held an inquest upon the body of Thomas Davies, who died on Saturday night at the railway station, Merthyr. Charles Thomas, who was arrested on a charge of causing Davies's death, attended in custody, and was represented by Mr Beddoe, solicitor. Mr D. Llewellyn, stationmaster; Inspector Litster, G.W.R.; and Mr T. Price, T.V.R., were preaant. The police .arrangements were made by Inspector Canton and Sergeant Canton.
       John Davies, 13, Canal-row, Abercanaid, identified the body as that of his son, who lived with him, and was 26 years of age, and a single man. Deceased worked as a haulier at the Abercanaid Pit. He worked as usual on Saturday, and was a quiet man.
       Ivor Bowen, Canal-square, Abercanaid. collier, said he met deceased on Saturday night at the Great Western Hotel, and accompanied him to the railway station with the intention of returning to Abercanaid by the 11 o'clock Taff train. Deceased had had a sleever or two of beer, but seemed none the worse for it, and was practically sober. He saw Charles Thomas on the platform, He (Thomas) was wrangling with an old man, trying to get at him. Another man had hold of the old man, and was telling Charles Thomas to leave him alone. Another man said, "Don't touch an old man," and Thomas turned on him and said, "I'll touch you," or words to that effect. Then Davies said, "If you (Thomas) touch him, you've got to touch me." Thomas said to deceased, "You've been a runner at Cilfynydd," other words passed. and after that Thomas struck Davies. Witness was standing behind Thomas, and could not see how the blow fell, but the deceased, who was leaning against a pillar with his hands in his pockets, fell as the result of the blow over the edge of the platform on to the railway. He was sure enough that Thomas struck Davies. An empty Taff train was backing in at the time, and deceased fell within a yard of the approaching carriage. He heard the sound as of wheels going over deceased, but did not hear deceased say anything. When; Thomas saw where Davies was falling he put up his hands, and turned away. Davies, he thought, had not the marks on his face which he now had before he went on the platform. Some men caught hold of Davies and handled him roughly. He was then on the floor, and he afterwards got up. Witness was sure I none of the marks were occasioned by deceased. Thomas did not look much the worse for drink.
       In reply to the Coroner, Mr Beddoe said he attended on behalf of the accused man, Charles Thomas. He did not intend to put any questions to ths witness, but would reserve them for the magisterial inquiry.
        William Davies, collier, Abercanaid, said he heard Thomas and an old man - a stranger - quarrelling on the platform. Davies told Thomas not to quarrel with an old man, but with someone more of his size. Thomas and Davies had a few words. All at once Thomas hit Davies, the blow landing on his face. Witness saw that plainly. Davies fell backwards in consequence on to the metal, and the guard's van and two wheels of the second carriage at the end of the train passed over deceased. Deceased had not struck Thomas, and did not offer to hit him. There were many people on the platform.
       By the Foreman ot the Jury: They were sober. Neither seemed the worse for drink.
       By the Coroner He saw what occurred plainly by the gaslight. There was a middling light at the station.
      The Coroner Merthyr Station is not extraordinarily well lighted.
       P.C. John Thomas said he heard a scream and shouts. A man said, "There's someone under the train," and he jumped down on to the railway, and a porter found the body under the train, and witness helped to get it out. It was lying partly across the rail nearest the departure platform and under the second carriage. He thought the end carriage was not a guard's van, but an ordinary carriage. The light on the platform was pretty good.
       The Coroner: Good for Merthyr or good generally.
       Witness: I cannot say as to that.
       In reply to a further question, witness said there was sufficient light for people to see clearly what took place.
       Inspector Canton stated that at 2 o'clock on Sunday morning he arrested prisoner at his father's residence. 89, Yew-street, and took him to the Merthyr Police Station. He there charged him with causing the death of Thomas Davies at the Merthyr Railway Station, about 11 o clock on the previous night by striking him till he fell from the platform on to the permanent way and was run over by a train. He cautioned the accused that he need not say anything unless he wished to, and he made no statement. Prisoner appeared when arrested rather muddled, but was better afterwards, and on the way to the station asked what the charge was.
       Dr. S. Cromwell Jones saw the body on a table in one of the waiting-rooms. The head and face were practically free from any injury, with the exception of a small bruise by the ear. The body was very severely marked; the lungs had been punctured, and the backbone broken.
       The Coroner, in summing up, said the question for the jury was whether Thomas Davies's death was to be attributed to something which was done by Charles Thomas, and if they thought that, they had to consider whether what Charles Thomas did could in any way be justified or excused, or whether it was conduct such as made him responsible in the eye of the law and necessitated them sending him away for trial. In dealing with the circumstances he said he did not suppose for a moment that when Thomas struck Davies a blow he thought Davies would get under the train. No blow was justifiable except in self-defence.
       The room was cleared for the jury to consider their verdict.
       The jury found a verdict which the Coroner stated was tantamount to that of manslaughter against Thomas, and the accused was accordingly committed for trial. Upon the application of Mr Beddoe, the accused was admitted to bail.
       On Thursday at Merthyr Police Court (before Mr T. Marchant Williams) Charles Thomas, collier, Troedyrhiw, appeared in answer to a charge of causing the death of Thomas Davies, colliery haulier, Abercanaid, who fell under a train at Merthyr Railway Station and was killed instantaneously on Saturday night.
       Mr Beddoe defended the accused. Inspector Litster, G.W.R., was present.
       John Davies, 13 Canal-row. Abercanaid, father of deceased, and Ivor Bowen, Abercanaid, who was .on the platform with the deceased - witnesses who had given evidence at the Coroner's inquest - were examined. Bowen repeated his version of the occurrence.
       Mr Beddoe to Bowen): Was Davies a friend of yours? Yes.-Had you and he been to any public-house except the Great Western that night? No, sir. - Was deceased much under the influence of drink? No, sir. -Was he somewhat under the influence of drink? No, nothing to be noticed. - Are you sure Thomas was sober? I cannot be sure. - Will you go so far as to say Davies and Thomas were quarrelling? They had a few words nothing of any account. - The railway platform that night was crowded with people? Yes. - And I suppose people were rushing towards the compartment? I did not see anybody rushing. - Were there not several persons at the spot where you say you saw the men talking together? Yes, sir. - Witness, in reply to further questions, said by looking after Davies he saw the train coming. - Mr Beddoe Did you see that man, William Davies, there at all? - Witness No.
       William Davies, 1, Nightingale-street, Abercanaid to whom Mr Beddoe had just referred, and who was also a. witness at the inquest, was next examined. He said that following the altercation about the old man, Charles Thomas "up fist and hit Thomas Davies a blow, which struck him on the left side of the face." The effect of this was that deceased fell over the platform on to the metals and was caught by the Taff train, which was shunting back into the station at the time.
       By the Stipendiary Magistrate: Neither seemed to him the worse for drink.
       By Mr Beddoe :There was a large crowd on the platform. The blow he saw Thomas give Dawies was with the fist. 'Daviea fell down at once, and witness had no opportunity to see his face after. Davies did not raise his hand at all. He saw no person fall in a rush to get into any of the compartments of the railway carriages. He said nothing to Thomas or Davies.
       P.C. John Thomas, who was attracted to the scene of the occurrence by hearing screams, and Charles Harris, porter, who found the body of the deceased under the train, followed.
       Defendant was committed for trial.
      (Cambrian August 9 1901) CROWN COURT. - Before Mr. Justice Channell.
      Merthyr Manslaughter Case.
       Charles Thomas (24), collier, was indicted for feloniously killing and slaying Thomas Davies on the 25th of May at Merthyr. - Mr. Tudor Howell prosecuted, and Mr. Denman Benson defended. -The evidence showed that deceased, during a quarrel, was struck by prisoner. and fell on to the Great Western Railway, when an engine that was shunting at the moment ran over and killed him. - The jury found prisoner guilty, with a strong recommendation to mercy. - In passing sentence, the judge said it was obvious that the offence was quite unintentionally committed. Prisoner was in a quarrelsome mood in a somewhat dangerous place and struck the blow, never dreaming of killing the man. He passed sentence of a fortnight's imprisonment.
    2. Evan Davies (1850- )
    3. Mary Davies (1853- )
    4. Margaret Davies (1858- )
    5. John Pryce Davies (28 September 1862- ) married Annie Jones (1867-1932) of 4 Gethin Street, Abercanaid. He was an insurance agent at 21 Gethin Street in 1911 with a bilingual household. He was a widower and retired at the same address in 1939.

      OBITUARY - We regret to record the death, which took place suddenly on Saturday last, of Mrs. Annie Davies, wife of Mr. J.P. Davies (retired insurance agent), 21, Gethin-street, Abercanaid, and mother of Mrs. E.C. Walsh, Lamb Inn, Merthyr. Up to a late hour on Thursday evening Mrs. Davies had been about as usual, but was suddenly stricken with a seizure from which she did not recover. Mrs. Davies, who was 65 years of age, was of a kindly disposition, always being prepared to assiste any worthy cause, and this won for her the high esteem of a host of friends, With the exception of a few short periods she had resided the whole of her life in the village. Mrs. Davies was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Jones, her father being well remembered by the older inhabitants of the district as rail inspector with Messrs Crawshay Bros. at the old Cyfathfa Works. In her younger days the deceased interested herself in local musical works, possessing a splendid soprano voice. She was a faithful member of Graig C.M. Chapel. Besides her husband she is survised by four sons and three daughters, the latter being Mrs. W.J. Griffiths, Abercanaid; Mrs. D.J. Jones, Ton Pentre; Mrs. W. Walsh, Lamb Inn, Merthyr, and also Miss Valmai Davies (grand-daughter). The funeral took place on Wednesday at the Graig Cemetery, the officiating minister being the Rev. D. I. P. Jones (pastor of Nazareth CM, Chapel, Troedyrhiw). The family mourners were Mr. J.P. Davies (husband); Messrs. Dec, Tom, Emlyn and Jeff Davies (sons); Mr. D.J.Jones and Mr. W. Walsh (sons-in-law); Messrs. Idris Griffiths, Vernon Jones and David Griffiths (grandsons), and numerous relatives and friends. Many floral tributes were received. (Merthyr Express 02 July 1932).

      They had:
      • Mary A. Davies (1887- ) who married William Griffiths (1885- , born Pembroke Dock) and had Valmai Griffiths (1908- , probably registered as Valmai Davies), Idris Griffiths (1911- ) and David Griffiths.
      • Catherine Davies (Cassie) (1889- ) married David John Jones and had Vernon Jones.

        On Sunday a wedding, in which a great deal of local interest was manifested, was solemnised at the Graig Calvinistic Methodist Church. The contracting parties were Mr. David John Jones, assistant superintendent of the Pearl Assurance Society at Ebbw Vale, and Miss Catherine Davies, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Pryce Davies, Gethin-street, Abercanaid. The bride and bridegroom being popular in the district, a large number of friends and acquaintances assembled to witness the solemnisation of the nuptial event. The bride, who was smartly drassed, was given away by her father, and the bridesmaids were the Misses Ceinwen Davies, youngest sister of the bride, and M. A. Jones, Troedyrhiw. The bridegroom was accompanied by Mr. T. Jones, Troedyrhiw as best man. As this was the first wedding solemnized at the new Graig, the married couple were presented with a handsome Bible. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. L. Jones, Graig. (Merthyr Express September 10 1910 )

      • Decimus Davies (4 October 1890-1955). An unemployed underground haulier at 3 Alex Place, Merthyr Tydfil in 1939. Died May 24 1955, address 21 Gethin Street, Abercanaid. Probate granted to his brother John Emlyn. Effects £218.
      • Thomas G. Davies (1895- )
      • John Emlyn Davies (23 April 1897-1959). With his father in 21 Gethin Street in 1939, a single bench fitter engineer. Died in the Lamb Inn, Castle Street, Merthyr Tydfil on September 27 1959. Address 21 Gethin Street, Abercanaid. Probate granted to his widow Sarah Jane Davies. Effects £197 2s 2d.
      • Elizabeth Ceinwen Davies (20 March 1899-1958) born in Pembroke Dock. The family were at 3 Diamond Street, Pembroke Dock in the 1901 census. She married William Walsh (Bill) (5 September 1891-) in 1922. They kept the Lamb Inn, Merthyr Tydfil and had Sheila Walsh (23 December 1923-) who married Christopher H Ninnes and Rosina Walsh (17 February 1927- ) who married Allen Hughes.
      • William Jeffrey Davies (1904- )
  • Isaac Davies (1825- ) baptised March 12 1825.

Susanna Davies' family

Susanna Davies was the daughter of William David (or Davies) of Parkside, Llansadwrn, Carmarthenshire and his wife Elizabeth. Assuming that the Welsh patronymic system was not being used in Llansadwrn at the end of the 18th century, William may have been baptised to James David and Mary ? in Llansadwrn on May 2 1793. Other baptisms possible to the same couple were David (September 7 1783), Thomas (June 1 1785), John (April 1 1787), Margaret (March 14 1789), Mary (April 10 1791) - wife not named on any of these - Anne (Jan 14 1798), It should be noted that there were at least two others named James David in the parish in the 1790s.

A Mary Davies widow of Parkside, Llansadwrn was buried on 21 January 1820 aged 68. Prior to that a James Morgan aged 60 of Parkside was buried on Nov 22nd 1816. The Parkside connection seems to have ended in the 1840s as a William Williams occupied the property in 1851. William Williams appears to have been the son-in-law of Richard Davies (1769-!847), a Methodist Minister resident at Parkside when he died. William Williams was married to Richard's daughter Elizabeth (reading of Richard Davies' 1847 will).

William Davi(e)s was in Vaynor/Merthyr Tydfil in 1851 where he appeared to be a publican with daughters Margaret Davies and Hannah Jones also with him. William is shown born c.1793 in Llansadwrn. In 1851 Elizabeth (c.1796- , born Abergwili) was at Penwayn, Llansadwrn with sons James and Thomas and niece Mary Thomas (11) and grandson William (10). In 1871, labourer William Davies (80) and Elizabeth (76) were in Cefn Coed, Vaynor, Merthyr Tydfil. William Davies' known children:

  • Hannah Davies (1816- ) married William Jones a mason from Llandilofawr parish (his father John Jones a farmer) on 10 October 1843. Her address was given as Penywain. Hannah appears to be the daughter of William and Margaret Davies of Park Side baptised on June 3rd 1816 when William's occupation was given as labourer. William Jones is given as a collier aged (improbably) 24 in the 1851 census in Vaynor. Hannah appears in further censuses as a widow at 68 High Street, Penydaren, Merthyr Tydfil and had three children:
    1. William J Jones (1849- , born Merthyr) married Margaret ? (1847, born Merthyr) and had John Jones (1878- ). They were at 68 High Street in 1881, 1891 and 1901 when William was a steel works labourer. They were still there in 1911 with William a council road sweeper. The census form stated that they had '1 adopted son living'. Also present was William Thomas Jones a grandson aged 11 born Penydarren.
    2. Sarah Jones (1850-1929, born Merthyr) who married engineer John Garnon (1849-1904) in 1870. They had:
      • John Garnon (1875-1895) born Nantyglo, Monmouthshire and died Merthyr Tydfil
      • Elizabeth Garnon (1879-1893) born Tredegar, Monmouthshire and died Merthyr Tydfil
      • William Garnon (1880-1899) born Aberdare, Glamorgan and died Merthyr Tydfil
      • Hannah Garnon (13 April 1888-1971) born Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, died Coventry. She married Thomas John Gane (8 May 1888-1966), born Blaina, Monmouthshire, died Coventry. They were at 45 Barnaby Road, Coventry in 1939 when Thomas was a storekeeper at a motor works. They had:
        • Muriel Maude Gane (26 March 1911-2003, died Luton, Bedforshire). She married Frank S Saunders (3 July 1913- ) in 1935. He was a railway ticket collector in 1939 when they were in Mayall Road, Lambeth.
        • Olwen Gane (1913- )
        • David Garnon Gane (14 March 1918-9 January 1976) who was an engine fitter TCE living with his parents in 1939. His address at the time of death was 48 High Street, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry. He married Alma Grace Burrows (4 May 1926-25 November 1991) in 1955 who died at the same address.
      • David James Garnon (27 July 1882-17 August 1957) born Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan. He married Diana Thomas (23 April 1885-1960) born Rhymney, Monmouthshire. They were at 78 Lancaster Street, Nantyglo and Blaina in 1939 when David was a coal hewer and at the same address at death. Probate on his estate was granted to William Leyshon Hoskins (1893-1972), schoolmaster. They had:
        • Sarah Elizabeth Garnon (4 February 1904-1976, born Cefn, Breconshire), married Archie Adams (27 July 1902-1977, born Abertillery). They were at 23 Abertillery Road, Blaina in 1939 when Archie was a colliery labourer, below ground. They had two daughters, including Mavis Adams (1931-2010).
        • John Garnon (1906- , born Cefn)
        • Ivy May Garnon (1910-1911, born Blaina, Monmouthshire)
        • Doreen Garnon (1908-1980, born Blaina). Doreen married Albert E Mann (1903-1968) and had Albert Edward Mann (1937-1998, born Bedwellty, died Sandwell, West Midlands). Albert Edward married Pauline M Steen (1938-2003, born Walsall, died Sandwell).
    3. Elizabeth Jones (1853- , born Merthyr)
  • Anne Davies was baptised on 5 June 1820 to William and Elizabeth Davies of Parkside. She married William Thomas a shoemaker of Llansadwrn village (his father John Thomas, also a shoemaker) on 12 October 1842. Her address was given as Penywain. In 1881 they were at 26 Pontycapel Road, Merthyr Tydfil (30 Pontycapel Road in 1891). They had:
    1. Eliza Thomas (1844- )
    2. John Thomas (1846- ). A boot maker at Llwyncelyn, Myddfai in 1901 with wife Elizabeth ? (1855- ) and sons William Thomas (1888- ), Thomas Thomas (1891- ) and John Francis Thomas (1894- ). On the 1911 census the couple are alone, having been married 27 years with 4 living children. The other son David Thomas appears on the 1891 census aged 5.
    3. Margaret Thomas (1848- )
    4. Mary Thomas (1851- )
    5. Anne Thomas (1853- )
    6. Thomas Thomas (1855- )
    7. David Thomas (1857- )
    8. Hannah Thomas (1858- )
    9. Susannah Thomas (1860- )
    10. William Francis Thomas (1865- )
  • Mary Davies on 1841 census with (rounded) age of 20
  • Susannah was baptised on 26 March 1822 to William and Elizabeth David of Parkside, Llansadwrn.
  • Margaret Davies baptised 3 May 1824.
  • James Davies baptised in 1829. At Parkside in 1841 aged 12 and Penwayn in 1851. He married Margaret Thomas (born Llandeilo) and was farming at Penywaun in 1861 with children Anne Davies (3), Thomas Davies (5) and Betsy Davies (1) all born Llansadwrn. Older sons Morgan Davies (10) and William Davies were with grandparents Morgan Thomas (68) and his wife Anne (60) in Llandilofawr. In 1871, aged 43 he is with (second?) wife Anne (45) born Llandefeilog and children Morgan (19), Thomas (15), Anne Davies (13) and Elizabeth Davies (11). James died at Penwaun. Llansadwrn 4 October 1895.
  • Francis Davies (1831-29 November 1914) At Parkside in 1841 aged 10 and a servant with Elias Lewis in Llansadwrn in 1851. Died at 4 Jones Street, Penywern, Merthyr Tydfil. He married Gwenllian Davies (1834-4 May 1876, born Vaynor Breconshire, died 74 Mary Street, Dowlais, Glamorgan).

    Aberdare Times, June 27 1885: FEARFUL ACCIDENT. On Tuesday a shocking accident occurred in the Dowlais Lower Works to a man named Francis Davies. aged about 50, who was employed as a baller in the cogging mill. He was assisting a fellow-workman to convey a "bloom" into the furnace, when the coach on which it was placed lurched round, and Davies was thrown on the line. At that moment an engine, driven by his son, was coming along and the elder man was knocked down and frightfully crushed. After having been conveyed to his residence, Dr. Mason found that no bones were broken, but the injured man was crushed to a very considerable extent, especially on the left side just below the heart. It was not supposed that he would live through the night.

    Francis and Gwenllian had:

    • David Davies (1857- )
    • William Davies (1858- ) married Mary Evans (1860- , born Dowlais) and had:
      • Francis Davies (16 January 1878- ), married Sarah Jane Davies(27 May 1878-). Children included:
        1. William Davies (January 1899- ), married Elsie Jones (5 December 1890- ) and had: Muriel Davies (21 February 1921-8 January 1965, died Waltham Abbey, Essex) who married Leslie J Adams; Elsie Davies (30 October 1927-2002); a son and two other daughters.
        2. Edward John Davies (23 April 1900- ), married Sarah A Hessey (9 July 1918- ) and had two daughters and a son.
        3. Bronwen Davies (1904- )
        4. Gwynneth Davies (1906- )
        5. Gladys Elvin Davies (1907- )
        6. Francis Cyril Davies (1911- ), known as Frank
        7. David Windsor Davies (28 April 1915-1989) died in Enfield. He married Florence P Keogh (1 April 1918) and had a daughter and grandchildren.
        8. Tudor Davies (10 January 1919)
      • Gwenllian Davies (1880- ), married William Evans(1881-) and had:
        1. Bronwen Evans (1904- )
        2. William Evans (1906- )
        3. John Evans (1909- )
      • Elizabeth A Davies (1882- )
      • Miriam Davies (1884- )
      • David Davies (1888- )
      • Mary M Davies (1890- )
      • Jennie Davies (1895- )
      • Blodwen Davies (1898- )
    • Samuel Davies (1861- ) married Sarah Ann Jones (1862- , born Dowlais) and had Thomas Francis Davies (1882- ), Edwin Samuel Davies (1887- ), Elizabeth Gwenllian Davies (1889- ), Winifred Ann Davies (1891- ), Rosina Isaline Davies (1896- ) and two others who had died by 1911. The family were all English-speaking other than bilingual Samuel, a steel works locomotive driver. Also present in 1911 was William Edgar Lewis (1896- ), a grocer's asistant described as 'son' and Sarah Ann's father Thomas Jones (1829- , born Glasbury, Radnorshire)
    • Elizabeth Davies (1866- )
    • Margaret Davies (23 April 1869-20 May 1962) married Albert Scriven (1870-1926, born Chard, Somerset). In 1939 she was at 38 Berry Square, Merthyr Tydfil with son William I. Margaret and Albert had children in Dowlais:
      • Gwenllian Scriven (1892 - )
      • Rose Scriven (1894- )
      • Albert Scriven(s) (December 26 1896-1958). He married Mary Catherine Hier (April 24 1897-August 5 1975) and had two sons: Maldwyn Scrivens (August 19 1925-December 31-1964) - he married Gwladys Mary Mullins (March 11 1925-September 24 2008) in Merthyr Tydfil on April 24 1944; and Frederick Scrivens (September 23 1931-June 16 2008).
      • Maggie May Scriven (July 31 1901-1989). She married Charles Eckley (October 6 1901 -1954). They were at 6 Railway Cottage, Bedwellty in 1939 when Charles was a Railway Signalman.
      • William Ivor Scriven (10 August 1909-1993)
  • John Davies. At Parkside in 1841 aged 8.
  • Thomas Davies. At Parkside in 1841 aged 6 and Penwayn in 1851.

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Tracing Your Ancestors from 1066 to 1837

The Genealogist's Internet

The Genealogist's Internet: The Essential Guide to Researching Your Family History Online

Family Photographs 1860-1945

Family Photographs 1860-1945 (Public Record Office Genealogist's Guides)

Family Photographs and How to Date Them

Family Photographs and How to Date Them

Writing Your Family History: A Practical Guide

Writing Your Family History: A Practical Guide

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