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Selections from Saffhill family tree

Lucy Saffhill (1878-1945) married Albert Edward Steel (1872-1943) in 1898. Their children were: They had 3 children:

  1. Edith Annie Steel (Edie) (1902-1964) m. Harry Charles Le Fort (1902-1951) in 1927 and had Norman Harry Frank Le Fort (1928-2006) (3 children).
  2. Albert John Steel (b.1908-1968) married Eveline Frances Naylor (1908-1966) (4 children).
  3. Hilda Mary Steel (1913-2000) m. Albert J J Ayres (b.1915) (2 sons)

Annie Saffhill (1882-1966) m. Joseph Prossl (1882-1956) - born in Bohemia - in 1908 and had 2 children:

  1. Max Joseph Prossl (1910-1911)
  2. Kathleen Ann Prossl (1911-1976) m. Kenneth Gillett Walter (1911-1996) and had 2 children

Lucy and Ann (Annie) Saffhill were two of six children born to George John Saffhill (born 1859 in Staines) and Lucy Matilda Smith (1859-1891) who married in 1878. The other four were George John Saffhill (b. 1880), William Saffhill (b. 1885), Henry Saffhill (b. 1887) and James Saffhill (b. 1890). After Lucy's death George married Mabel Ethel Gardner in 1901.

Lucy and Annie's father George was the second son of nine children born to George Saffhill (1828-1890) and Ann Joel (1836-1875) who married in 1856. The other eight were William Saffhill(b. 1857), James Saffhill (b. 1861), Edwin Saffhill (1863-1865), Henry Saffhill (1864-1875), Ann Saffhill (Annie) (b. 1867), Thomas Saffhill (1869-1870), John Saffhill (1871-1871) and Elizabeth Saffhill (b. 1872). After Ann's death George married Mary Elizabeth Hirons (b. 1821) in 1876.

Lucy and Annie's grandfather George was the second son of seven children born to James Saffhill (1806-1886) and Elizabeth Johnson (1796-1882) who married in 1826. The other six were James Saffhill (1827-1888), Charlotte Saffhill (b. 1830), Henry Saffhill (1832-1833), Eliza Saffhill (1834-1834), Jane Saffhill (1835-1890) and William Saffhill (b. 1838).

Lucy and Annie's great grandfather James was the second son of eleven children born to William Saffhill (c. 1779-1866) and Mary Weavin (1786-1848) who married in 1805. The other ten were William Saffhill (b. 1805), Joseph Saffhill (1808-1891), Sarah Saffhill (c. 1814), John Saffhill (1815-1872), Thomas Saffhill (b. 1816), Hannah Saffhill (c. 1817), George Saffhill (b. 1821), Eliza Saffhill (b. 1824), Charles Saffhill (1826-1861) and Jane Saffhill (c. 1830).

Lucy and Annie's great great grandfather William was the oldest son of five children born to William Saffhill (1751-1838) and Elizabeth Peyton (died 1803) who married in 1778. The other four were James Saffhill (c. 1784), Elizabeth Saffhill (c. 1786), Thomas Saffhill (c. 1790) and Joseph Saffhill (c. 1797).

Additional Known Marriages

William Saffhill (b. 1857) to Jane Elizabeth Cordery in 1881
Ann (Annie) Saffhill (b. 1867) to Charles Wolsey (date unknown)

James Saffhill (1827-1886) to Mary Vickery in 1857 (3 sons; 2 daughters)
Charlotte Saffhill (b. 1830) to William Wheeler in1851 (4 sons; 1 daughter)
Jane Saffhill (1835-1890) to Thomas Dolby in1859 (2 sons)

William Saffhill (b.1805) to Eleanor Shepherd in 1834 (4 sons; 1 daughter)
Joseph Saffhill (1808-1891) to Eliza Burford in 1836 (1 son; 8 daughters; 1 unknown)
Sarah Saffhill (c. 1814) to Charles Stacey in 1834 (4 sons; 3 daughters)
John Saffhill (1815-1872) to Caroline Curtis in 1839 (8 sons; 1 daughter)
Thomas Saffhill (b. 1816) to Mary Edwards in 1849
Hannah Saffhill (c. 1817) to Richard Harris in 1835 (1 daughter)

Thomas Saffhill (c. 1790) to Fanny Rexford in 1812 (1 son; 3 daughters)

See also: Letter from Elizabeth Saffhill 1927

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