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The Family of Walter Walter of Babcary, Somerset, England, UK

A genealogical account of the family of Ann and Walter Walter

Babcary and surrounds

Walter Walter (1804-1877) lived at the 110 acre Greenhill Farm, Lower Foddington (Farrington), Babcary, Somerset (see right hand side of a more detailed map). According to the 1839 tithe records, he rented his land from Benjamin Greenhill, Esq. Walter was married to Ann Leach Penny (1814-1889) who was born in the neighbouring village of Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, the daughter of John Penny and Lucy Leach.

The Walter family of Babcary can be traced to some extent from Parish register records. Walter's parents were William Walter (1759- ) and Mary Whittle (1756-1834) who married in 1779. Mary's will names her sons as Walter, John, Samuel, Thomas, William, Philip Walter, Daniel Walter, and daughter Mary. The following baptisms are recorded for them at Babcary:

  1. Elizabeth - October 10 1779
  2. James - October 22 1780
  3. William - April 7 1782
  4. John - May 7 1784
  5. George - December 28 1785
  6. Philip - September 21 1788
  7. Samuel - May 24 1790
  8. Daniel - May 28 1792
  9. Mary - August 7 1796
  10. Thomas - August 12 1798
  11. Jacob - September 21 1800
  12. Walter - September 18 1804

Walter Walter and Ann had 11 known children:

  1. Mary (1838-1921)
  2. Albert (1840-1863)
  3. Caroline (1841-1896)
  4. David (1843-1903)
  5. Hugh Penny (1844-1927)
  6. Robert Leach (1846-1919)
  7. Benjamin (1847-1929)
  8. Edward Jacob (1849-1924)
  9. Susannah (1850-1913)
  10. Phillip (1852-1941)
  11. Gaius Penny (1856-1943)

1. Mary Walter aged 21 is listed in the 1861 census at Greenhill Farm. In 1871 she is recorded as Mary Waller, a Visitor in the house of George Waghorn, a Lodging House Keeper in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, her occupation being a Domestic Servant. In September Quarter 1873 she married Worthing-born Edwin Oliver Locke (1842-1903) in Newcastle-on-Tyne District. More about the Family of Mary Walter and Edwin Oliver Locke.

2. Albert Walter aged 11 is listed in the 1851 census at Greenhill Farm. He emigrated to the USA, and died in the Civil War. More about Albert Walter - Illinois and the Civil War.

3. Caroline Walter aged 9 is listed in the 1851 census at Greenhill Farm. In 1861 she was living in Broad Street, Somerton where she was a draper's assistant at the shop of Joseph Williams (?on the corner of New Street - click the red New Street link on the Somerton Virtual Tour). Her grandmother Lucy Penny lived next door and is described as a 'proprietor of house(s)'. In 1871 Caroline was a draper's assistant in Leamington, Warwickshire. By 1881 Caroline was living with her mother in Somerton and is described as a draper/grocer. She married her second-cousin William Whittle (1837-1903) in 1885.

In 1891 Caroline and William Whittle had a nephew Fred Walters aged 11, born Glamorgan, staying with them. Could this be David's son? More about the Family of Caroline Walter and William Whittle.

4. David Walter aged 18 is listed in the 1861 census at Greenhill Farm. In 1871 he was working as a general servant in the household of William John, clerk to the commissioner of taxes, at Bryn Teg House, Llantrisant, Glamorgan, South Wales. He married Catherine Rosser in the parish church of St Hilary, Glamorgan on July 11 1877. She died of tuberculosis in 1880, probably leaving two sons (Albert and Fred) who appear with various relatives in later censuses. By 1881 David was described as a widower, lodging with Caroline Williams in St Hilary, Glamorgan and her family and working as a labourer. An Albert Walters aged two is lodged with the Thomas family nearby. David Walter died in Swansea in 1903 aged 60. More about the Family of David Walter

5. Hugh Penny Walter aged 5 is listed in the 1851 census at Greenhill Farm. In the 1861 census he is working as a baker for Henry and Annie Priscilla Harris at Kilmington village (Mere District). Annie Priscilla was born in Foddington, Babcary and her mother was a Mary Walter (c.1798-1870) who married Edward Ings (1793-1850). By 1871 Hugh had moved to Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales - near his brother David. He was working as an iron miner and lodging with Mary Ann Knight (born in Bath, Somerset), a dressmaker at Tymawr. He emigrated to the USA (after his brother Robert) and settled in Barber County, Kansas. More about Hugh and Robert Walter in America.

6. Robert Leach Walter aged 15 is listed in the 1861 census at Greenhill Farm. He emigrated to the USA in the early 1870s, landing in Philadelphia and moving to Illinois, then Missouri and finally Barber County, Kansas. More about Hugh and Robert Walter in America.

7. Benjamin Walter aged 13 is listed in the 1861 census at Greenhill Farm. By 1881 Benjamin was living in Upton-cum-Chalvey (Slough), Buckinghamshire and working as a labourer for a corn merchant. He was married to Martha Street (1853-1945), the daughter of William, an agricultural labourer, and Emma Street from Littlewick Green, Maidenhead, Bucks in 1876. More about the Family of Benjamin Walter of Slough and Eton

8. Edward Jacob Walter aged 12 is listed in the 1861 census at Greenhill Farm. Edward Jacob married Eliza Gillett (1843-1925) at the Presbyterian Church, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire on July 21 1874. More at The Family of Jacob Walter of Cheltenham and Reading.

9. Susanna Walter aged 20 is listed in the 1871 census in Babcary described as a governess and living with Ann and Walter Walter and brother Gaius. She married George Philip Hayes (a.1857-1920), a hotel-keeper and later draper and clothier, originally from Ashcott, Somerset but living in Glastonbury in 1886. More about The Family of Susanna Walter and George Philip Hayes.

10. Phillip Walter aged 8 is listed in the 1861 census at Greenhill Farm. By 1881 he was living with his mother in Somerton and is described as a grocer. He emigrated to Australia and died in Queensland on February 19 1941. A Philip Walter aged 31 was an assisted passenger on board the 'Corona' which left Plymouth, Devon on November 14 1883 for Townsville arriving on March 4 1884. A fellow passenger kept a diary of the voyage. He appears on Voters lists between 1903 and 1937, initially in First Street, Townsville as a carriage cleaner and then in Ingham Road as a gardener. He visited his brothers in the USA in 1907:

Barber County Index April 17 1907 - Philip Walter, who is in the employ of the government in Queensland, Australia, is here visiting his brothers, Hugh and Robert Walter. Mr. Walter thinks the climate is fine, and may conclude to locate here if he can dispose of his Australian interests.

The Townsville Daily Bulletin (Queensland) September 5 1935:

FAVORED with Instructions from MR. P. WALTER, will submit to Public Auction this very fine Grazing and Agricultural Property situated on the Black River, 12 MILES FROM TOWNSVILLE. having 1/2 mile frontage to the River; and being well timbered with Iron Bark and Gum Having a permanent water supply from underground sources and being PORTION 561A, Parish of Halifax. County of Elphlnstone. AREA 168 ACRES. The Sale will take place at the Auctioneer's Registered Office, Stokes St. ON SATURDAY NEXT - 17th SEPTEMBER - AT 12 NOON

According to Queensland Death Records, Philip Walter (parents Walter and Ann Penny) died in 1941. The Townsville Daily Bulletin (Queensland) February 20 1941:

FUNERAL NOTICE. THE FRIENDS of the Late PHILIP WALTER, age 89 years (late of Garbutt), are respectfully informed that his remains were peacefully laid to rest in the New Cemetery on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, 19th Instant. The Funeral moved from the Salvation Army Hall, Sturt Street, City, at 4.30 O'clock, Adjutant McCoomb officiating, with Band in attendance.
A Memorial Service will be held in the Salvation Army Hall, City, NEXT (Sunday) NIGHT, at 7.30 o'clock.
McKIMMIN & RICHARDSON (PTY, LTD.), Funeral Directors, A. F. D. A. Phones: Day 1231; Night 1688.

11. Gaius Penny Walter is detailed on The Family of Gaius Penny Walter and Mary Adelia Carter of Somerton and Southsea.

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