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Barber Family of South Stoneham, Hampshire, England, UK

A genealogical account of the family of William Barber and Susannah Smoker

William Barber (c.1796- 27 May 1869) married Susannah (Susan) Smoker (1808-1890) at St Faith with St Cross, Winchester, on May 15 1826. William was shown as being from Owslebury parish. A William Pusy Barber was baptised in Owslebury in 1797 and there is a baptism of a Susanna Smoaker in Otterbourne on 10 April 1808, father John Smoaker, mother Elizabeth. There is a death recorded of a William Smoaker to parents John and Elizabeth in 1810.

William and Susannah's family appear consistently in censuses 1841-1871. In 1841 William was a carter at Allington Farm, South Stoneham, Hampshire. In 1851 daughters Ellen and Susan were probably servants; Ellen in Winchester and Susan in the household of Charles W. Martin near Lymington. In 1861 the children remaining with William and Susan were Betsy (sic) and James. In 1871 and 1881 Susan had her granddaughter Ellen (Brock) staying (see below). More about William and Susannah's known children:

  1. Sarah Barber (c.1827-1850) Nothing further known.
  2. Susan Barber (c.1830-1906) married John Foot (1829-1901) in Christchurch, Hampshire in 1851. They had: George Edward Foot (1852-1900) who married Emma Morcom (1851-1915); John Inkerman Foot (1855-1931) married to Ellen Shephard (1830-1932); William Foot (1858-1915) who married Margaret Louisa Morcom (1858-1929); Salome Foot (1858-1937) married Thomas Challis Jones (1856-1899); Louisa Foot (1862-1939) married Augustus Reform Hughes (1858-1907); Elizabeth Foot (1864-1961) married John Jackson Raggett (1862-1933); Harry James Foot (1867-1945) who married Fanny Jenvey (1865-1955).
  3. It is possible that William Barber (1832-1914) became a gamekeeper at Newton Park, the estate of Jules Duplessis in the parish of Boldre near Lymington. A person of this name aged 29 and born in Southampton was there in 1861. All subsequent references refer to his birthplace as South Stoneham. He married Elizabeth Rachel Blanks (1826-1895; born Hope Mansell, Herefordshire, died Camberwell) in Lymington later that year. In 1871 they were living in Keeper's Cottage, Frogmore, Hamlet of Norley with Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth Charlotte Blanks (1858-1889; b.Marylebone, d. Lambeth) and their daughter Annie (b.1865 in Lymington). In 1881 William, Elizabeth and Annie were living in Leader Street, Chelsea where William was a coffee house keeper. By 1891, William and Elizabeth had a newsagent and tobacconist at 36a New Church Street, Camberwell. In 1911 William (aged 79 and a widower) was living in Lymington, boarding with Susanna Saunders nee Keeping (71) the widow of James Saunders both born in Boldre who married in 1878 and lived in the area throughout. William died in Lymington in 1914.

    Elizabeth Charlotte Blanks married Edward Read (b,1854; Woodbridge, Suffolk) in Fulham in 1878. In 1881 he was a tram car conductor and they had children: Helen Elizabeth Read (b.1879) and Charles Edward Read (b.1880). A visitor from Hope Mansell Mary A. Hill (51) was staying. They lived in Milverton Street, Lambeth. After Elizabeth's death Edward remarried Eliza Alice Reed. In 1891 Edward was a tramway inspector and they had additional children: Edith M. Read (b.1883) and May Eveline Read (b.1885). By 1901 they had more children: Hugh Stanley Read (b.1892) and Sydney Fagers Read (b.1894). They lived in Greenwich. In 1911 they lived in Blackheath with additional children: Eric Duncan Read (b. 1903) and Ivy Georgina Read (b. 1910). Edward's mother and sister-in-law were also in the household and he was a tram depot inspector.

  4. Ellen Barber (1834-1904) married William George Brock (1829-1867) in South Stoneham in 1860 and had a daughter Ellen Franklin Brock (1861-1935). After William's death Ellen married George Alexander (1842-1916, born in Winchester) in Edmonton in 1872. In 1871 George was a tailor in Fareham. They were living in Wickham, Hampshire in 1881 with Ellen's nephew William Charles Barber (see below). In 1891 George was listed at High Street, Titchfield. They were both there in 1901. Ellen Franklin Brock married Brian Gifford (1862-1948) in Fareham in 1887 and had a daughter Hilda Franklin Gifford (1888-1949). Ellen and Hilda appear alone in 1901 and 1911, Ellen working as a lodging house keeper in Winchester and shown as married. Brian Gifford was one of the younger children of William Frederick and Mary A. Gifford who lived in Colebrook Street, Winchester. William was described as a miller and master in 1871 and was still there in 1901. Hilda Franklin Gifford married Dudley G. Grace (b.1894) the son of Thomas and Fanny Grace (a Winchester builder) in Winchester in 1917.
  5. It is likely that John Barber (1838-1916) married Fanny Reeves (1840-1892; died Petersfield) both from South Stoneham in 1860. Only one John Barber gave South Stoneham as his birthplace in 1851. John was an agricultural labourer and they had children including: Ellen Barber (b.1860), Fanny Barber (b.1862), Harriet Jane Barber (b.1864), William Charles Barber (b.1867), Elizabeth Barber (b.1869), Rosa Barber (b.1871) and Laura Barber (b.1874) all born in South Stoneham. No birth for Laura recorded. In 1871 they lived in West End, South Stoneham. In 1881 they lived at College Farm, Church Lane, Bramdean with the younger girls and sons James Barber (b.1878) and Albert George Barber (b.1879). Bramdean is between Petersfield and Winchester; College Farm was subsequently renamed Manor Farm. The registration district is Alresford. In 1881 William Charles was living with George and Ellen Alexander in Wickham and was an apprentice tailor. There are potential marriages for a number of the girls between 1881-1891 although the main family cannot be found in 1891. Laura was a servant in the house of her aunt Elizabeth Carpenter nee Reeves (1828-1905) [the widow of James Carpenter] at Baltic Cottage, South Stoneham. Laura was not there in 1901. In 1901 John was living with his daughter Ellen Stone (see below). In 1911 he lived alone at 56 Wingfield Street, Landport, Portsmouth and described himself as a retired carter (birthplace South Stoneham). A John Barber died aged 78 in Fareham district in 1916, the same year and district as George Alexander, his brother-in-law.

    Harriet married William Joseph Hopkins in Alresford in 1883 and in 1891 was living in Hampstead where William was a police constable and they had children: Eleanor Hopkins (b.1885), Albert Thomas Hopkins (b.1887), William Joseph Hopkins (b. 1889) and Ethel Violet Hopkins (b.1891). In 1901 he was a station sergeant and they had additional children: Reginald John Hopkins (b.1893) and Madeline Dorothy Hopkins (b.1896). They cannot be found in 1911 although William Joseph (22) may have been in the military.

    William Charles Barber married Kate Young [or Kate Tilbury] in Winchester in 1889 and had a daughter Eva Bessie Barber (b.1889). Initially a tailor, William became a licensed victualler and the family lived at the Rising Sun, Horndean, Waterlooville in 1901. They cannot be found in 1911 but Eva married Albert E. Freemantle in Droxford in 1918.

    Ellen Barber married Joseph Hill Stone (b.1861, Chard) in 1885. In 1901 they lived in Southampton, Joseph is described as "a Navy man" and Ellen's father John was living with them.

  6. George Barber (1839-1859) Nothing further known.
  7. Elizabeth Barber (Bessie) (1842-1933) married Henry Horne in 1875. See The Horne Family of Careby
  8. James Barber (1850-1918) married Clara Horlock (1843-1925) {daughter of George and Susannah Horlock, licensed victuallers} in 1879 in Edmonton. In 1871 Clara was a servant in the Owen household in Enfield. The cook was James' widowed sister Ellen Brock from South Stoneham. James and Clara did not have children but a niece Emma Louise Richardson (1880-1967) stayed for many years helping in the business "The Silver Street Tobacconist" in Enfield. James and Clara died in Edmonton. Emma was the daughter of John William Richardson (b.1855) and Clara's sister Susannah Horlock (1855-1881) who married in 1876 and were living with the Horlock's in Enfield in 1881. Emma was living with James and Clara Barber in 1891, 1901 and 1911.


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