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Prosser family of Talgarth, Breconshire

Compiled by Alan James Price (

William Prosser (c.1722-22 December 1807) and Phoebe Davies (c.1742-1826, baptised to David Davies and Mary ? December 8 1745) were married at Llanigon on February 15 1769. (Phoebe had witnessed a marriage there of a Mary Davies to a James Price on January 20 1769). Their £100 marriage bond dated the 24th June 1768 was agreed between William Prosser of Llanigon and his bondsman Alexander Lewis of the town of Brecon. William was described as a Yeoman. Alexander Lewis was probably the Brecon butcher buried in 1800 who appears in Parish Records along with two wives and children. William Prosser of the parish of Talgarth was probably the person buried in Llanigon on December 25 1807 aged 85 while Phoebe was buried in Talgarth on November 19 1826 aged 84. William was buried in the same grave as John Delahay (c.1653-9 August 1708) and Jane Prosser (1678-1 January 1767).

William and Phoebe had the following children (all named in William Prosser's will proved in 1808 - along with the daughters' husbands):

  1. William Prosser (1770-1811) (bap. Jan 13 1770). Died unmarried. An excerpt from his Will:
    (...) I give and bequeath unto my friend Thomas Hinckley of Tregunter in the parish of Talgarth and County of Brecon aforesaid his Executors, Administrators and Assigns the sum of One Hundred & Thirty Pounds, to hold, to him the said Thomas Hinckley his Executors Administrators & Assigns, upon this special Trust and Confidence, nevertheless, that is to say that in the said Thomas Hinckley, his Executors, Administrators & Assigns do pay my Dear Mother Phebe Prosser widow the Interest of the aforesaid Sum of One Hundred & Thirty Pounds during her natural life, at four equal quarterly Payments, and the first Payment to commence at the end of Three Calender Months after my decease: and immediately after her Decease, I give One Hundred Pounds, part of the One Hundred & Thirty Pounds before mentioned to my brother in law Robert Hinckley of the parish of Llanfihangel Tal-y-llyn in the County of Brecon aforesaid: and likewise after the decease of my said Mother, I give the sum of Thirty Pounds being the remaining part of the aforesaid One Hundred & Thirty Pounds to be equally divided between the aforesaid Robert Hinckley and my two Brothers in law John Thomas of the parish Llanfihangel Tal-y-llyn aforesaid & John Jones of the parish of Talgarth aforesaid, share & share alike. Also I give to the aforesaid Robert Hinckley my silver watch and all my Books. I give also to the aforesaid John Thomas my gun immediately after my decease. (...)
  2. Robert Hinckley inscription on chest tomb

    Robert Hinckley, chest tomb Talgarth churchyard

    Thomas Hinckley inscription on chest tomb

    Thomas Hinckley, chest tomb Talgarth churchyard

  3. Jane Prosser (1773-1836) (bap. June 2 1773) who married Robert Hinckley (1769-1831) of Pont-y-wal on March 2 1794 at Talgarth.
    On the 18th much and deservedly respected, Pontywall, Breconshire, in her 63rd year, Mrs. Jane Hinckley, relict of the late Mr. Robert Hinckley. (Hereford Journal, 27 January 1836)
    They lived in Pontywal Farm {this was behind Pontywal Hall the mansion built for Howell Harris in 1759 which was surrounded by extensive parkland. This house seems to have been replaced in the late 19th century and was sold in 1913 to form the basis of the Welsh National Sanatorium for TB, subsequently Bronllys Hospital.} They had:
    • Thomas Hinckley (1795-1839) married Jennet Jones (1774-1836) on February 5 1810 at Brecon St David.
      AN INQUEST was held on Monday last before Henry Maybery, Esq., Coroner, on view of the body of Mr. Thomas Hinckley, a very respectable farmer residing at Pontywall, Breconshire, who came by his death in a truly distressing manner. It appeared in evidence that the deceased had been so violent a sufferer under asthmatic attacks that for the last 20 years he had not been in bed, but for rest was obliged to seek it in an elbow chair before the kitchen fire. On Saturday evening he returned home about 10 o'clock and sat in his chair as usual. The fire had been compressed with small coal by the family before they retired, and although the quantity was but small, yet it proved sufficient to bring about the melancholy event. He must very shortly have fallen with his arm forced or leaning upon the grate, in which state he was found by his brothers who had gone to him in consequence of the smell of fire proceeding from his clothes. His arm and right side were dreadfully burned. He was for many hours speechless and supposed by the family to be dead. In the course of the next day, however, he was so far himself as to converse with his friends and arrange his wordly matters; on the Sunday evening be died. The jury appeared to be much impressed with the awfulness of the scene before them and returned a verdict of accidental death. (Glamorgan, Monmouth and Brecon Gazette and Merthyr Guardian, 2 November 1839)
      His daughter Sarah Hinckley (1816-1858) was baptised to Thomas and Jane Hinckley of Tregunter, Talgarth on September 8 1816 and married Evan Beavan (c.1803-1881), ironmonger of Brecon, in Talgarth on October 31 1837. They had Thomas Hinckley Beavan (1838-1923) baptised on August 19 1838 who became Rector of Bronllys and never married and William Christopher Beavan (1843-1847).

    • Evan Bevan and Sarah Hinckley inscription

      Evan Beavan and Sarah Hinckley, Talgarth churchyard

      Wm Christopher Bevan inscription

      Wm Christopher Beavan, Talgarth churchyard

    • William Hinckley (1797-February 20 1863). At Pontywall in 1851 and 1861.
      HINCKLEY - Feb.20 at Pontywall, Bronllys, Breconshire, aged 66, Mr. William Hinckley, deeply regretted by his relatives and friends. Deceased had been a resident of the above parish for upwards of 35 years, and from his kind and benevolent disposition the poor will suffer a very great loss. (Hereford Journal 18 March 1863)
      The farm stock was auctioned on Thursday 8th October 1863 by order of his executors (John and George Hinckley), including 65 Hereford cattle, 242 cross-bred Radnor and Ryeland sheep and 13 cart horses and colts. (Hereford Times, 19 September 1863)

    • Jane Hinckley (1797-May 9 1826) who married Evan Williams (1795-1862) on July 4 1821 in Llandyfaelog Tre'r-Graig, Breconshire. The Hereford Journal, 25 January 1862, recorded his death: "WILLIAMS.- Jan. 13, aged 66, Mr. Evan Williams, of Drain, Talgarth." They had:
      1. Thomas Williams (November 9 1821- )
      2. Jane Williams (bap. October 19 1822-1843). Jane married David Kinsey (1816- ) in 1843 and died: "Dec 2, Jane, aged 22, wife of Mr. David Kinsey of Trostrey, and eldest daughter of Mr. Williams, of Brain (sic, Breconshire (Hereford Journal, December 13 1843). Her son, Evan Kinsey (1843-May 8 1844) did not survive long after. David Kinsey is shown at Lower Trostre, Llandefailog in the 1841 census.
      3. Anne Williams (1823-1843)
      4. Sarah Williams (August 1 1825-July 18 1877) married Rees Morgan (1823-3 September 1877): "27th ult., at Llanvillo church, Breconshire, by the Rev. W. Bowcott, Mr. Rees Morgan, of the Plough and Harrow Inn, Talgarth, to Sarah, only daughter of Mr. E. Williams, of Drain, Llanvillo, (Hereford Times 15 May 1847).
        THE BANCRUPTCY ACT, 1861
        IN the County Court of Brecknockshire, holden at Hay, in the matter of REES MORGAN, lately residing with his father-in-law, Evan Williams, at the Drain Farm, in the parish of Talgarth, in the county of Brecknock, there assisting his said father-in-law, in his business of a farmer, a bankrupt, whereas at a public sitting of the court, held this day, the court granted an order of discharge to the said bankrupt, NOTICE is hereby given that an order of discharge will be delivered to the bankrupt after the expiration of thirty days from this day, unless, in the meantime, an appeal be duly entered against the judgment of the said court.
          Dated the 8th day of April, 1862.
         THOMAS JAMES (Registrar) (Hereford Times, 12 April 1862.)
        The Brecon County Times of Saturday 8 September 1877 records a Coroner's inquest which found that Rees Morgan of Tredurn Cottage, late of the Drain Farm near Talgarth, was found dead in his chair at six o'clock on the morning of 3 September by his daughter Sarah Ann Morgan. The verdict was "... supposed to have died from heart disease." Sarah and Rees had children:
        • Mary Jane Morgan (1848- ) married David John Owen (born Clydey, Pembrokeshire 1856- ) and had: Florence S Owen (1880- ); Elisha (or Elicha) Mary Owen (28 February 1883-19 June 1950) who married George M Mann (1877-1949); Ivor John Rees Owen (23 April 1895-1970) who married Gladys E Parsons (13 September 1886-1963) and had Barbara Olive Owen (27 December 1925-1978) married Roy V Danes in 1952; Victoria May Owen (1887-1940) married to Reginald George S Wiltshire (1895-1965).
        • Edward Davy Morgan (1850-1869)
        • Sarah Anne Morgan (1852-1909, died in Cardiff) married Edward Jenkins (born Llanfihangel, Cardiganshire c.1849-26 June 1920).
        • Rees Morgan (1854-25 May 1857)
        • Thomas Morgan (1859-22 July 1892) married Mary Ann Parry (born Talgarth 1856-1931). They had: Elizabeth Sarah Morgan (1885-14 April 1956) married Alfred James Moses otherwise Frederick Ernest (18 March 1884-16 June 1951); Xantipa Louisa Morgan otherwise Exantippa (1887-1942) who married William Probert (1888-1959); Edith Elsie Morgan (1889-1891).
          We regret to record the death of Mr Thomas Morgan, Radnor Arms, Talgarth. Death resulted from an affection of the lungs. The deceased, who was 32 years of age, leaves a widow and two children to mourn his loss. He was a son of the late Mr Morgan, of the Drain Farm, and was highly respected and loved by all who knew him. He was a member of the Foresters Friendly Society, and was also an old Volunteer, having been for many years connected with the Talgarth Company. The funeral took place with military honours, on Wednesday, at the Congregational graveyard Talgarth. (The Brecon County Times, Friday, July 29, 1892.)
          Mary Ann subsequently married William Vaughan Pugh (1871-17 September 1934) who remained at the Radnor Arms.

    • Sampson Hinckley (1799-1860). Baptised in Llanfihangel Talyllyn on 21 July 1799. At Pontywall in 1851. On BMD as Samuel Hinckley and Talgarth burial register as Samson Hinckley of 'The Lodge', aged 60, interred April 23 (or possibly 25) 1860.
      GLASBURY - MAN FOUND DROWNED - As a man from this village was going to his work, a little after six o'clock yesterday (Friday) morning week, he observed the body of a man in the river Hynfi*, about eight yards from its confluence with the Wye. He immediately gave the alarm, and with assistance the body was soon got out, when it was foud to be the body of Mr. Samuel Hinckley, of the Lodge, near Talgarth. How he could have got into the water in that place is quite enveloped in mystery, as he had been to Hay, and was seen returning home within a short distance from the spot, where he must have gone off the turnpike road. Several persons saw him between 9 and 10 o'clock on Thursday night; and for him to have got to the place where the body was found, he must have gone over a bank 10 or 12 feet high, and along a flat piece of ground 6 or 8 yards before reaching the water, the road-side at that place being protected by strong posts and rails. An inquest was held at the Six Bells on the same day, before James Williams, Esq., Coroner, and a respectable jury, who returned a verdict of "Found drowned." After the inquest was over, the body was removed home by his friends. It may be stated that after he was gout out of the river a £5 note, six shillings and four pence, and some papers were found in his pockets. (Hereford Times 28 April 1860). * Actually the river Llynfi.
    • John Hinckley (1801-1863). A farm bailiff for Sir Joseph Bailey of Glanusk Park, living at Glanusk farm in 1861. Unmarried.
    • Anne Hinckley (1803-1803)
    • Sarah Hinckley (1804-1867). She married draper David Jenkins of Brecon on December 20 1827. She spent most of her married life and widowhood (David was dead by 1851) in High Street Inferior, Brecon as a draper and then 'proprietor of houses'. They had:
      1. Ann Jenkins (1828-1916) who married lawyer John Williams (c.1829- ) and had: Emily Williams (1859- ) unmarried with her mother in 1911; George Hyatt Williams (1861-1935) solicitor and Town Clerk of Brecon, unmarried in 1911; Alicia Jane Williams (1862-1951) unmarried hospital trained nurse, companion to Lucy S Griffith in Dolgellau in 1911; Edith Mary Williams (1864- ) hospital trained nurse, unmarried with mother in 1911; John H Williams (1867- ); Thomas D Williams (1871- ) clerk for a manufacturing chemists in 1911 married to Leonora Sarah Hancock (1878- born Cardiff) and living in Sydenham in 1911. They had: Hyatt Todd Williams (1905-1969) born in Cape Town, died Goodwood Park, South Australia who emigrated to Adelaide from London on January 11 1923 on the SS Benalla giving his last address as Ferndale, Combe Martin, Devon; Leonard Hinckley Williams (1907-1984) born in Cape Town, died South Glamorgan; Jane G Williams (1910- ) born Sydenham.
      2. Jane Jenkins (1834-)
      3. Sarah Jenkins (1836- ) unmarried living with sister Ann Williams in 1911
    • George Hinckley (1806-1872). At Pontywall in 1851 and 1861 and Bronllys village in 1871 with niece Anne Hinckley as housekeeper.
    • Robert Hinckley (1809-1864), married Mary Probert at Glasbury on July 14 1837. They had Thomas Hinckley (1838-1861), Mary Jane Hinckley (1840- ) who married carpenter Jacob Jones (1837- ), Sarah Hinckley privately baptised at Glasbury in 1842 and publicly in 1847, Anne Hinckley baptised at Glasbury in 1847,
    • Mary Hinckley (1810-1840) married Evan Davies (1808-1856) at Bronllys on June 8 1832. He rented land from Colonel Woods. They had:
      1. David Davies (1833- ) married Esther ? (1840- , born Stroud, Gloucestershire)
      2. Robert Davies (1836-1901) married Ann Williams (1837- , born Llangasty Talyllyn) and had David Davies (1864- ), Elizabeth Davies (1870- ), Gwenllian M Davies (1876- ) and William Percy Davies (11 August 1880-26 August 1952) who married Elizabeth Mary Jones (10 November 1872- ). William Percy kept the New Inn, Talgarth and had a son Alvin Hinckley Pryce Davies (6 February 1909-31 August 1992) whose wife was Doris Clive (1916-6 December 2000).
      3. John Davies (1839- ) married Mary Smith (1846- ) at Arlingham, Gloucestershire on November 12 1867 and had:
        • William John Davies (1868- ) married Fanny Green (1873- ) on 13 February 1900 in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. They had Fanny Davies (1901- ), William Thomas Davies (1905- ) and George Davies (1909- )
        • Alice Mary Davies (1870-1908) married James Ballinger (1860- ) in 1890. They had: Eveline Ballinger (18 July 1892- ) who married Edwin Henry Clapton (6 January 1886- ) with children including Gladys C Clapton (16 April 1921- ) Rita Clapton (1926- ); George Ballinger (20 May 1893-4 June 1971) married Cecely May Clapton (27 Aug 1894-1944) with children including Muriel May Ballinger (27 March 1927-February 2000) married to John Albert Turvey (9 February 1922-February 1996) in 1952 and Edna Betty Ballinger (1 September 1929-May 1973) married Edward W Roberts () in 1950; Francis Vere Ballinger (1899-25 October 1918) killed in Flanders, Belgium; Cynthia Vera Ballinger (18 May 1900-1978) married Joseph Axford (18 September 1898-October 1980) in 1923; Alice Mary Ballinger (1901- ), Clive Newet James Ballinger (11 January 1903-1974) married Elsie Florence Elizabeth Ball (25 September 1900-August 1989) and had Clive William A Ballinger (11 June 1923-December 1995) married Dorothy Linna Butler (24 April 1920-June 1990) in 1946; Brenda Phyllia Irene Ballinger (1928-1930); Dennis James Ballinger (6 March 1931-October 1990) married Joyce B Modley (1927- ).
        • Clara Davies (1871-1878)
        • John Hinckley Davies (9 March 1872-1951) married Eliza Ellen Hawker (23 October 1882-) in 1907. They had: Annie May Davies (1908- ); William John Davies (1909- ); Frederick Cyril Davies (1911- ); Hilda Alice Davies (1914- ); Albert David Davies (1915- ); Wallace Ivor Davies (1918-2002) married Violet May Green (18 July 1920-2005); Olive Muriel Davies (30 April 1920-2010) married Harold Horatio Bick (1915-1992) in 1940.
        • Mary Flora Davies (1873-1 October 1968) married Thomas Samuel Phipps (1846-1897) in 1893. They had Amelia Maud Phipps Davies (1892- ) married William Thomas Jones (1888- ); Esther Charlotte Phipps (26 February 1893-22 July 1955) married Luther Curtis (16 Auguat 1891-July 1972) and had Michael Luther Kingdom Curtis (5 January 1926-13 January 2007), Curator of Geology at Bristol City Museum (see page 31); Mary Phipps (10 April 1894-July 1970) married Wesley Whitfield (22 June 1886-February 1985) and had Jonah Whitfield (1917-1917), Florence Mary Whitfield (1918- ) married Charles Edward Page (1920-1996);
        • David Davies (1875- ) married May ? (1876- ).
        • Clara Mary Davies (18 January 1879-1955) married John Henry Gough (1873-1935) and Harry Bright.
        • Violet Pretoria Davies (25 March 1875-1965) married William Thomas Walker (3 June 1888-1980) and had Gladys Gwendoline Walker (14 March 1912-22 November 2008). Her husband was Northleach postman Edward Charles Ryman (21 February 1910- 2 March 1986.)
        • Rose Ellen Davies (26 July 1882-1977) married David Edwin Collier (1882-1931). They had: Alice Maud Mary Collier 1 June 1910-1998) married George William Phillips (1910- ); David Edward Collier (1912- ); Eleanor Amanda Collier (13 June 1913 married William Samuel Vines Woodward (1 October 1913-2 May 1989).
        • Edward Davies (1886- )

    • James Hinckley (1813- ) married Mary Morgan at Crickhowel on November 2 1837. Daughter of James and Mary, Mary Anne Hinckley (1838-1840) baptised at Llangattock in 1838.
  4. Catherine Prosser (1776-1860) Catherine was baptised to William and Phoebe Prosser at Llanigon in 1776 and had an illegitimate child William according to William Prosser's will. She married John Thomas in 1802. See Thomas family of Oakfield, Llanfihangel Talyllyn, Breconshire for their descendants.

    Samuel Prosser inscription

    Samuel Prosser, Talgarth churchyard

    Catherine Prosser inscription

    Catherine Prosser, Talgarth churchyard

  6. Samuel Prosser (1780-1855) (bap. Llanigon, April 2 1780) of Red House, Talgarth
    PROSSER. - Feb. 16, at Red House, Talgarth, aged Mr Samuel Prosser, for upwards of fifty years respectable that place. (Hereford Times 24 February 1855).
    He married Catherine Price (1790-1867) born Clifford, Herefordshire.
    TALGARTH - SUDDEN DEATH. - An inquest was held at the Bell Inn, in this town, on Monday evening last, the 23rd inst., before D. W. J. Thomas, Esq., coroner, of Brecon, and a respectable jury, of which Thomas Price was the foreman, on the body of Catherine Prosser, aged 77 years, late of the Red-house farm, in this town, who was found dead in her bed on Sunday morning, the 22nd inst. Ann Davies, wife of William Davies, mason, of this town, on being sworn, stated that the deceased lodged in the house with her, and that she retired to bed between eleven and twelve o'clock on Saturday night, the 21st inst., and was then apparently in her usual health. The next morning, finding the deceased did not come down to breakfast, witness went to her bed-room about ten o'clock in the morning, and found her to be quite dead and cold. The jury returned a verdict to the effect that deceased died from natural causes. (Brecon County Times 28 December 1867)
    Samuel and Catherine had:
    • Anne Prosser (1810-1868) In the 1861 census, she was an unmarried 50-year-old grocer and subpostmistress in Talgarth.
    • Catherine Prosser (1813-1888). She married widower John Davies, a farmer born in Builth, on April 28 1851. He had at least four children from his previous marriage and the couple then had William Benjamin Davies (1853-1877). They moved to Dinmore, Herefordshire. She was buried in Talgarth in 1888.
    • Samuel Prosser (1820-1863), baptised to Samuel and Catherine of Red House, Talgarth on May 14 1820. He married Mary Morgan (1822- )

      Samuel Prosser (1820-1863) inscription

      Samuel Prosser (1820-1863), Talgarth churchyard

      TALGARTH - SUICIDE - On Wednesday morning, Mr. Samuel Prosser, of Cefn-nant, Fforest, Talgarth, committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor. It appears that the deceased had got up and called his servants as usual, about 5 o'clock that morning, and the servant girl at that time heard him open the desk, and go back to his bed-room. Finding him longer than usual in getting up, and a labourer wanting to see him on business, she called him several times, but receiving no answer, she afterwards went into his bed-room, and there saw him lying across the bed partly dressed and weltering in blood, and quite dead. An open razor lay by his side. Deceased was a widower, about 43 years of age, and had only buried his wife a short time ago. A sale of his stock was to have taken place on the same day as this distressing act was committed, but of course was postponed. (Hereford Times 3 October 1863)
    • Thomas Prosser (1822- ) was baptised on September 8 1822 at Talgarth and married Mary Jenkins (1830- ) on 27 Jan 1856 at Llandyfalle, Breconshire. This appears to have followed an acrimonious dispute over their first child:
      TALGARTH PETTY SESSIONS, Dec 5th (Before H. Allen and Evan Bowen, Esqrs.) - Thomas Prosser, farmer of Talgarth, was summoned by Mary Jenkins, of the parish of Llandefally, to show cause why he should not contribute to the support of her illegitimate child, the honour of the parentage of which she sought to fix on him. Defendant did not appear, but corroborative evidence having been given, the Bench ordered a payment of 1s. 6d. per week only, as this was the second time the same parties had sought the magistrates' decision. (Hereford Journal 12 December 1855).
      In 1861 the family were in Llandyfalle with Thomas (36) farmer of 100 acres, born Talgarth, Mary (32) born Llandefally, Mary J P (11) born Llandefally and Cathrine P P (1) born Llandefally. In 1871 he was an ironworks lodge keeper at 35 Alma Street, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil. By 1881 he was described as an office keeper at 2 Charlotte Street, Dowlais with daughter Catherine and her husband and again with them in 1891 at 23 Odessa Street. Thomas and Mary had:
      • Mary Prosser (c.1850- )
      • Catherine Price Prosser (1860-1923, died Llanfyllin) who married Alfred Walton Trevelyan Harwood (1860-1901, born Deptford, Kent, died Merthyr Tydfil) and had: Alfred Thomas Prosser Harwood (1878-1960, born Dowlais, Glamorgan); William James Price Harwood (1880 - , born Dowlais, Glamorgan); Lilian Beatrice Harwood (1883 - , born Breconshire).
        DAVIES-HARWOOD. In the presence of a crowded congregation, a pretty wedding took place on Wednesday at St. John's Parish Church, Dowlais, the contracting parties being the Rev. Lewis John Davies, curate of Bagillt, Flintshire, and Miss Lilian Beatrice Harwood, of Ivydene Villa, Pant, Dowlais. The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. E. R. Davies (brother of the bridegroom), curate of the Welsh Church, Dowlais, and assisted by the Rev. W. H. Davies, curate of St. Michael's, Dowlais, and the Rev. J. D. Hughes. curate of Cogan, Penarth. The bride was given away by her mother, while the Rev. T. E. Meurig Davies, curate of Llandovery, acted as best man. (Merthyr Express 12 June 1909).
        Alfred Thomas Prosser Harwood married Clara Louisa Wallace (1881-1954, born Holborn, London) in Bristol on 22 December 1900 and had Leslie Thomas Prosser Harwood (14 Jul 1903-1996; born Bristol, died Rushcliffe, Nottinghamshire) who married Barbara J Emery in 1946.
        Whitehall, January 20, 1942.
        The KING has been pleased, by Warrant under
        His Majesty's Royal Sign Manual, bearing date the
        9th instant, to appoint the Reverend Leslie Thomas
        Prosser Harwood, M.A., to the Living of St.
        Augustine, New Basford, in the County of Notting-
        ham and Diocese of Southwell, vacant by the
        cession of the Reverend Basil Simpson Ainley, B.A (London Gazette 20 January 1942.
    • John Prosser (1826- ).
      HAY. COUNTY COURT, MONDAY, before A. J. JOHNES, Esq., Judge. PROSSER V. PROSSER. -This was an administration suit under the equity jurisdiction. Mr. John Williams, of Brecon, was for the plaintiff, and Mr. Wm. Games, of Brecon, for the defendant. The parties are brothers, and the suit was instituted for the purpose of administering the estate of an elder brother, named Samuel Prosser, late of Talgarth. It was stated by Mr. Games that the defendant, who lives at the iron works, was not in a fit state of health to attend that court, but he would attend the following one. He also tendered in evidence the affidavit of Mr. John Probert, auctioneer, of Brecon, showing that the estate to be Administered was of the value of £600, or thereabouts, and not £500, as stated by the plaintiff, and that therefore the Court would not have jurisdiction. This objection was not pressed by Mr. Games, who stated that Samuel Prosser had, a short time before his death, made a deed of assignment of the whole of his farming stock and implements to his brother, John Prosser, who was the plaintiff in this suit. Mr. D. Thomas, of Brecon, had first of all declined to prepare such a document, on the ground that it appeared to him that there was no consideration between the brothers to make it legal. Being much pressed, however, he allowed his clerk to draw up the deed, but refused to allow it to go out of his possession. Some few days afterwards Samuel Prosser committed suicide, but before this was known to Mr. Thomas, John Prosser, the plaintiff, came to Brecon to Mr. Thomas and informed him that his brother had requested him to come for the deed. Mr. Thomas inquired as to the state of the health of the brother, and plaintiff said he left him at home that.morning quite well. Mr. Thomas told plaintiff he would not give up the deed to anyone but the brother, that being the agreement between them at the time they parted. John Prosser said his brother was very anxious, indeed, to have it, and pressed Mr. Thomas a good deal, the deed eventually being handed over to the applicant. Under that deed John Prosser claimed the whole of the personal property of the deceased to the exclusion of his other brothers and sisters. Mr. Games further said that he had been instructed to file a bill in Chancery to set aside this deed, and that he had delayed doing so for a considerable time on account of the heavy expenditure necessarily incurred by such a proceeding. As County Courts now had jurisdiction in equity, he proposed at the next court filing a bill to try the question of law as to whether the deed was valid or not under the circumstances stated. - The case was accordingly adjourned to the next court, for the defendant to appear and be examined upon the facts relating to the estate, upon his paying the costs of the adjournment. (Brecon County Times 30 May 1868)
  7. Phoebe Prosser (1789-?1850) (bap. May 1792) who married a John Jones at Talgarth in 1808.


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The Genealogist's Internet: The Essential Guide to Researching Your Family History Online

Family Photographs 1860-1945

Family Photographs 1860-1945 (Public Record Office Genealogist's Guides)

Family Photographs and How to Date Them

Family Photographs and How to Date Them

Writing Your Family History: A Practical Guide

Writing Your Family History: A Practical Guide

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