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Cottage near Godalming
Cottage near Godalming, card posted 1905

Kew: Historical Accounts
The village is pleasantly situated on the southern bank of the Thames

Kew Church: Historical Accounts
Parish church built in 1714 on waste ground donated by Queen Anne

Kew Gardens: Historical Accounts
The exotic, or as it is usually called, the botanic garden, was established in the year 1760, by the Princess Dowager.

Vintage postcard views

Ham Common, Surrey
Common, adjacent to Richmond Park

Vintage postcard views

Richmond Palace
By the 18th century all that remained of the palace was the gate house and the wardrobe. The gateway still faces Richmond Green, with Henry VII's arms above, although the stone is much defaced.

Richmond Terrace
Richmond Terrace and its gardens became a popular area to walk. The view over the Thames is iconic.

Walton on Thames


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