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Crowland Bridge

Crowland Bridge - card posted to Daisy Brock in 1906.

Careby, Lincolnshire
Church, Rectory and workers, views and notes.

Careby, Lincolnshire
Careby, Lincolnshire - January 1918

Crowland Bridge
Images of the bridge.

Historical Lincoln - 1
Lincoln, a place of considerable note in the ecclesiastical and military annals of England, is singularly situated on the top and side of a high hill, which slopes with a deep descent to the south, where the river Witham runs at its base.

Historical Lincoln - 2
The dates of part of the architecture of Lincoln Cathedral, according to a printed Lincoln guide, are as follows.

Historical Lincoln - 3
An open fireplace and chimney discovered last summer in the old Deanery House at Lincoln, which is now being taken down, and near to the site of which a new residence is to be erected.

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