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Newport, Shropshire

Newport, Salop

Newport, Salop High Street - old postcard

Newport is a Shropshire market town, near Telford, that was 'new' in the 12th century. Originally called Novo Burgo, it was granted a charter by Henry I. The wide High Street was designed to accommodate the market.

The 'port' in the name hints at the importance of fishing when, in medieval times, the area included a chain of lakes of which Aqualete Mere (in neighbouring Staffordshire) is the only surviving example. The burgesses of Newport owed their ancient liberties to the supply of fish to the king's court. Thetown's coat-of-arms still has three fishes as a centrepiece, despite the fact that the last remnant of the fishing industry - a vivary - was destroyed in 1836 when the Shropshire canal was dug.

Newport Grammar School, Salop

Newport Grammar School, Salop - old postcard

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