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The British Isles, those proud and glorious countries near the top of the planet that we here like to call home is a great place to really explore. We are always off cruising to faraway places but the sheer delight you experience when you realise just what a beautiful and unmatched country we live in is unmatched. There is a very captivating and striking coastline, and a wealth of variety in culture and people from city to city. You can get great P&O Cruises round the British Isles so let's set off and explore.


Let’s start at the top with Scotland. Scotland with its long stretches of wide open hills, sharp mountain ranges, and a fascinating chopped up craggy coastline is a wonderful place to explore and see the beauty of Britain. There are many grand ports in Scotland, but I am going to centre on South Queensferry. This city is located right on the northern limit of Edinburgh so of course the big attraction of this port is the chance to pay a trip to the capital Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh is a delightful city and many people consider it to be one of Europe's most attractive cities with the castle, hills and walkways. You could travel around the city on your own from the central square to give you a chance to really discover this city by yourself, but you could also take one of the many tours on offer. One of the busiest tours is a visit to the historic Edinburgh Castle. The castle sits right at the top of a huge rock overlooking the whole city. There you can see the celebrated crown jewels. Come stop by to enjoy this historic, interesting, and beautiful city. It is full of charm, history and character.


Cork, Ireland a 'must have' stop for its lively jovial spirit. Cork is Ireland’s third largest city, and was once an island in its own right. Now Cork has a division of the city on each side of the River Lee. This is a harbour on the south of Ireland and is a metropolis chock full of rolling hills to go trekking over with some stunning views. Cork is a wonderful city to investigate on foot giving you the opportunity to meet some of the interesting, talkative, and extremely friendly people of Ireland. This I believe is part of the ‘craic’ and its best to sample a few local beers and whiskeys with them to get the full show of Irish hospitality. While in Cork, you might want to visit Spike Island which has an old prison and fort. After an enjoyable boat ride to the island, you will get a chance to gain knowledge of Irish history by just taking in the buildings, attractions, and joining in with and chatting to the local people. Cork is a beautiful and interesting port to visit so hope to raise a glass with you soon.

British Isle cruises are mind opening and it is a great to really experience your home country and see all that it has to offer. So get the Kagool out as you know it can get wet and I will see you on deck shortly for a pint of real British ale!

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